Volcano camping

What to expect

Once at the base of the mountain you’ll meet your guide who will go through brief safety procedures and answer any questions you have about the volcano and surrounding area. Our guides are all local to the area and speak English so feel free to ask them anything!

You’ll hike up the mountain in the late afternoon, but don’t worry about camping gear! Our guides will take care of all of it for you. Just enjoy your hike and when you get to the top, you’ll be able to sit and enjoy the spectacular sunset over the volcanic valley as your guides set up and prepare dinner. Enjoy coffee, tea or bottled water as you relax.

Enjoy the evening sky and count the shooting stars as you fall asleep. Wake to one of the most amazing sunrises in Bali with views of Mt Agung and even Lombok’s Mt Rinjani in the distance. Your guides will prepare coffee, tea and your tasty breakfast, which is cooked over the volcanic steam rising out of the mountain.

To finish it off

When you’re ready, and your guides have packed everything back up, you’ll hike over the crater rim of the mountain and back down to Toya Bungkah village where you’ll be able to soothe your muscles in the natural hot springs.

Once you’re dried off and back in the van, we’ll make one more stop to a coffee plantation before dropping you off at your hotel.

Get prepared!

The hiking distance and difficulty level for this trek is the same as our other Mt Batur trekking packages. It is considered a moderate to easy climb so easy stretching and light jogging are enough preparation for most adults who are in reasonable shape.

This trek can be a bit of a struggle for anyone who is not active or in reasonable physical condition. Our guides are always happy to assist you should you need a little extra help and will climb at a pace that is comfortable for you and your group.

In any case, if you are concerned about your level of fitness, we recommend that you seek the advice of a physician before attempting any strenuous activity, including hiking.

Volcano camping (12+ hours)
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How wet is it ?
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We provide

  • Experienced guide
  • Safety Insurance
  • Meal
  • Transport

What to bring

  • Strong shoes or hiking boots
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera

More info

Loud music and pets are not permitted on this trek. All camping equipment will be provided by your guides.

Although Mt Batur is a live volcano it is safe for travellers to climb. You may have heard that Bali’s other big volcano, Gunung Agung, is closed due to volcanic activity and the possibility of eruption. Though the other volcano’s activity was sensationalised in the press, Mt Agung has a 9-12 kilometre safe zone. During your trek and camping on Mt Batur, you will always be well outside of this area. The views of Mt Agung from atop Mt Batur are indeed spectacular and you will always remain at an extremely safe distance!

Should there be an emergency or accident during your trek, the local trekking guides are trained in first aid and safety procedures that include evacuation and notification of next of kin. We don’t expect any problems and our guides are among the safest in the business, but we like to be careful and prepared nonetheless.